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ConcreteSection 2.0 Beta Test

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Concrete sections let's you investigate all kinds of concrete shapes for stress and capacity. Use it for beams, columns, or shear walls. Version 2.0 now allows you to analyze composite steel cross sections.

What's New?

  • Steel is no longer required to be contained within the concrete
  • Select and drag reinforcement graphically
  • Added check to 'enforce cover distances'
  • Each steel reinforcement object has it's own material (Fy)
  • Canadian CSA A23.3 capacity reduction factors supported
  • Numerous other UI improvements
  • Better performance and stability
  • Smaller download file
  • Online and PDF documentation
  • Much more, see help


setup-cs2-beta.exe (13.5 MB, October 16, 2018)

Note: You may require a 381 MB download of the Microsoft .NET 4.7.1 framework, and a reboot, after that, subsequent installs will be fast and easy.

License: Available to all IES customers through expiration date

Expires: Nov 15, 2018

No Tests in Progress

There are no products in testing, all test versions have been released to the downloads page.

What is a Beta-Test or Preview?

IES pre-releases products so that customers have a chance to test the software outside of their normal production environment. During a beta-test we are still actively working to finish a product and can respond quickly to suggestions and bug reports.

This test period provides your best-chance of immediately influencing the development of the product. If you find anything broken, confusing, or sub-par, please let us know immediately.

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