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June 2018
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Product News
Two FAQ Answers
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Product News

Three Recent Upgrades

VisualAnalysis 18.0

Released in May, this upgrade offers amazing performance gains, updated design codes, and nearly one hundred additional tweaks to make engineering simpler.

VisualAnalysis result view with plate mesh

If your license is active, you can start using this tool now. Read the complete Upgrade Guide in the help for details about what's new and how to best leverage this tool.

If your product license has expired, please, contact sales for upgrade information.

ShapeBuilder 10.0

Released in February, this upgrade provides nice productivity improvements as well as more flexible reporting.

Built-up cold-formed steel shape in ShapeBuilder 10.0

ConcreteSection 1.0

Released last December, this new product expands on the concrete cracked section analysis and capacity that was formerly part of ShapeBuilder. With this tool each product can be more focused and easy to use. This product is free if you had an active license for ShapeBuilder in December 2017. Contact Sales to claim your license.

Encased steel wideflange in concrete column

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Two FAQ Answers

Your 24/7 Concierge

Quickly get answers regarding licenses, maintenance, the Self-Service Portal, installation issues, and other business tasks. Available 24/7:

#1: What licenses do I have? Are they expired?

Answer: Log in to the Self-Service Portal to see your licenses, click on a license ID number for all the details.

#2: How do I pay my maintenance?

Answer: Either it happens automatically with a payment plan or we email you an invoice with instructions. You can see payment plans in the Self-Service Portal. If you are stuck, contact Sales and we can set up your payment.

We Rely on Email!

Keep IES in the Loop

If you think you may not be getting our emails, please whitelist our email addresses:,, and You can also add us to your address book, or send us an email so we can respond to verify things are working OK.

Set Up Your Own Account

Please make sure the email addresses in the Self-Service Portal for your contact person and licensees are updated and defined. To define a licensee, click on the license number and edit the appropriate fields.

Network License Users

If you use a network license, IES may not have your email address. If you would like to receive newsletters or other important information, please contact Sales to get added to our list.

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Earn $500

Share Your Projects

Send IES photos of your project(s), yourself or your team, and a description of how some IES tool was used for the project. We are looking for every-day projects--not necessarily magazine covers. We want to show what real engineers do with our tools. If we use your materials for marketing reasons, we will provide you with a store credit of up to $500.

Grade beams and pile foundation. Click for full size image

Hint: Photographs add more value! Also: we typically get only a few responses to this request, so your odds of getting chosen are excellent.

Please send materials or inquiries to Terry,

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Your Wish List

Can IES meet your design needs?

IES engineers are working to improve products based on customer feedback and ideas.

In The Works

For example, we are actively working on extending VisualFoundation to include column-pier design, the analysis of battered piles, and structural design of piles. These are all items that multiple customers requested.

What do YOU Need?

Do you need shear wall design? Do you want online apps? What is your preferred method for licensing?

We have some ideas and suggestions from a few customers, but we need you to help us really understand what is important.

Please Ask

Please use the support email to request features in the products you use. Your vote for items already on our list may bump it to the top, or your comments may help IES engineers unravel something we have been stuck wondering how to implement.

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Who Needs Support?

Statistics from IES Technical Support

We pride ourselves in providing such high-quality products that email technical support can be free. Over the past year each software license has generated about one technical support email: 1 Incident/Year/License.

IES Quality

This translates into about 8 questions per day, from more than 4000 engineers. Viewed another way: 98% of our customers rarely or never need direct assistance.

Customer Needs

A few customers, on the other hand, generate lots of questions. As is typical, 50 engineers accounted for 50% of all support. We would like to encourage these customers to review the documentation, take advantage of some "trial & error", or simply slow down a little.

A few customers account for most of the support inquiries.

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