What will ConcreteBending do for you?

Simplified FEA Modeling & Analysis

ConcreteBending helps engineers model very specific concrete slab problems using high-level components and engineering terminology. Behind the scenes, the tool constructs an accurate Finite Element Model.

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Elevated Slab & Beam Systems

Engineers like you use ConcreteBending to model concrete floor systems of arbitrarily complex geometry. Slabs may have support beams, wall or column supports, and holes.

Slab with concrete beams. Slab with column supports.

Suspended Slabs

ConcreteBending also lets you model suspended slabs with column supports including varying slab thicknesses. The software checks things like punching shear, taking into account column groups.

Walls with Out-of-Plane Bending

This product can also help you model any walls with out-of-plane bending, including multiple openings, and adjacent wall supports, columns or pilasters.

Concrete Design: ACI 318, CSA A23.3, and ACI 350

Once you have valid analysis results, you can quickly determine the rebar requirements for the slab (or wall) and supporting beams.

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Why Use ConcreteBending?

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