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Do IES products work together?

Most IES products work as stand-alone tools. There are some limited ways that our products work together or with other non-IES products.


Uses custom shapes from ShapeBuilder and can extend or validate projects created in VisualFoundation, VisualPlate, or VisualShearWall. VisualAnalysis can export nodal reactions to QuickFooting for the design of spread footings or to VisualFoundation for the design of mat foundations. Through the optional VA-Revit Link, VisualAnalysis can perform analysis and design for AutoDesk Revit Structure projects. VisualAnalysis integrates with VAConnect for steel connection design.


Can export custom shapes to the IES shape database primarily for use in VisualAnalysis, but other products as well.


Can import results from VisualAnalysis to work as loads in the design of spread footings.


Can export a project file to VisualAnalysis for additional, more complex analysis, or for validation. With VisualAnalysis, VisualFoundation and VisualAnalysis can work together to integrate the building design with the foundation design.

Do IES products work with non-IES tools?


Can utilize RSG Software's CFS shapes for cold-formed design (through ShapeBuilder's database import). VisualAnalysis can also read classic STAAD project (.std) files, AutoDesk data exchange format (.dxf) files, Steel Detailing Neutral Format (.sdnf) files or import/export data through the Windows Clipboard. Reports may be exported to MS Excel format (advanced level) or copied and pasted into many Office-type products. VisualAnalysis has a command-line syntax for batch mode input and analysis automation.


Can import shape outline or centerline data from the clipboard or from an AutoDesk (.dxf) file. ShapeBuilder also acts as a bridge between RSG Software's CFS product for importing custom cold-formed steel shapes into VisualAnalysis for design.

VA-Revit Link

BIM tool acts to connect VisualAnalysis and AutoDesk Revit Structure, by importing and exporting VisualAnalysis project files within Revit. (It runs as an add-in inside Revit.)

All IES products

Can print to PDF print drivers, or capture graphic images or text for the Windows Clipboard.

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