What will QuickFooting do for you?

Concrete spread footing (single column pad), imports from VisualAnalysis. Design and check reinforced concrete footings under a single column without building a complex analysis model of the building. 

Key benefits

  • Will check several footings all at once (for worst case).
  • Automatic sizing and detailing (optional).
  • Advanced handling of biaxial loading
  • Offset pedestal from footing center
  • Checks footing, pedestal, and interface.
  • Stability checks: Bearing pressure (net & gross), overturning, sliding, and uplift.
  • Complete units flexibility.
  • Accurate calculation of bearing pressure under biaxial loading.

Full transparency - No "black box"

Gets you out of the black box with Transparent Reporting.  The software presents hyperlinks from every check to the complete check details including full algebraic expression of the code formula, substituted values, intermediate results, final results, and "OK" or not!  This checking and verification output is available on-screen and in a detailed report.  The software does the work, but you can check it every step of the way, and so can your checkers, the building-department people, or anyone else who needs to know.

Easy to read reports with equations, sketches, and more.

User-friendly and versatile

QuickFooting is a stand alone footing design tool, you can check or design footings without creating complex building models.  However, if you are modeling a building in VisualAnalysis you can export the nodal reaction forces into QuickFooting.  VisualAnalysis will create an XML data file and automatically launch QuickFooting to read this data file.  The nodal reactions are interpreted as footing loads and the design may proceed from there.  Alternately you could manipulate or use the XML data file in other ways before importing it into QuickFooting.

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