Designs and checks masonry building components

A stand alone tool of masonry components to manage multiple structural components within a single project file.  The QuickMasonry "Project Management" tool offers the ability to design a whole series of lintels and walls, for a single building in one project file, following the latest masonry design specifications and offering a host of impressive features.

Masonry components handled

  • Lintels
  • Bearing Walls
  • Panel Walls (loads out of plane)
  • Shear Walls
  • Pilasters
  • Columns
  • Beams

Transparent reporting

QuickMasonry has been specially designed to display every calculation performed along with any associated diagrams.  This complete exposure of calculations is unmatched in the industry and allows the peace of mind that comes from personally viewing and verifying any calculation about which there may be a question.

Reports are detailed with sketches, equations, and imtermediate results.

Intuitive and User-friendly Interface

Drawing of component is displayed next to input screens and updates with changes.  Help screens are next to input screens giving definitions of each input.  Checks are illustrated by showing the actual equations from the code.   Customizable load combinations, block sizes, joint reinforcement sizes, and units (including metric).

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