What will QuickRWall do for you?

Analyze Cantilevered Retaining Walls

Projects start 90% complete! Make a few adjustments to criteria, geometry and loading. With charts, graphs and immediate check-result feedback you'll have your next wall completed in no time.

Design Gravity and Tapered Walls

Easily deal with complex scenarios like water in backfill or surcharge pressures.

Check Masonry and Concrete Stepped Walls

Mix materials in one project and try different analysis methods like Rankine, Coloumb, or Equivalent Fluid Pressure.

Handle Propped Cantilevers / Basement Walls

Seismic loading, shear keys, wind or axial pressures are all supported too. Stay in complete control of all rebar detailing. Test changes quickly.

Transparent Reporting

The ultimate reason to buy this tool are the crystal clear reports. You will not have to guess whether or how the software checked anything. The report spells it out in hand-calculation-like detail. (You can also get a one-page summary report!)

Why use QuickRWall?

QuickRWall is perhaps the best tool on the market for retaining wall design!  It will get you out of the 'black box' and into high-quality wall design in short order.  The reports are excellent with full equations and intermediate data readily available for complete checking.  QuickRWall is very graphical, extremely easy to use, fast, and robust.  This is one of our best-sellers.

Wall Configurations

  • Cantilever Retaining Walls
  • Gravity Retaining Walls (ACI Chapter 22)
  • Restrained Walls, Basement Walls, Propped Cantilevers
  • Tapered (Battered) or Stepped

Wall Materials

  • Concrete,
  • Masonry
  • Mixed Concrete & Masonry

Transparent Reporting

QuickRWall exposes all calculations for checking.  The tool is the best available for ease of use, comprehensive ability, and professional quality reports.

Never guess at what the software has done: full disclosure reporting!

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