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Discover how IES products fit into your workflow and solve problems you face every day in structural engineering.

Integrated Solutions

We offer tools for a variety of structural problems. Some are very specific, while VisualAnalysis is the most general or flexible. These tools can run independently, but they are also part of an integrated whole where they can exchange information to simplify and streamline your workflow.

Solutions by Structure Type

Trusses, Frames
VisualAnalysis is great for any kind of frame or truss analysis or design. Model individual members or entire, complex, multiple-material structures.
Walls and Slabs
VisualAnalysis offers plate/shells for finite element analysis of walls and slabs, and has flat ACI slab design. ConcreteBending ConcreteBending analyzes and designs concrete slabs. QuickMasonry designs masonry bearing and shear walls.
Retaining Walls,
Basement Walls

QuickRWall is dedicated to the solution of retaining wall problems, whether they are concrete or masonry, cantilevered or gravity walls. You can solve full 3D retaining wall analysis in VisualAnalysis, through a more complex finite element solution, with less traditional soil-structure interaction than in QuickRWall.
Shear Walls
VisualAnalysis lets you model just about anything, including building frames that include shear walls. QuickMasonry designs many masonry shear walls, one at a time (without openings). QuickConcreteWall designs a single concrete shear wall, without openings, and details SBE's.
We do not have any great tool for wood shear walls.
Footings and

QuickFooting for simple spread footings,  VisualFoundation for combined or mat footings.  VisualAnalysis is so general purpose you can analyze footings, but there is no specific design support.
Tanks or Towers
VisualAnalysis is for full 3D tank modeling for elevated tanks, buried tanks, or metal tanks. Geometry is flexible and arbitrary, so circular tanks, rectangular tanks, baffles, holes, etc. are all possible.

Solutions by Material

Material or
VisualAnalysis and ShapeBuilder can all work with structural steel, including helping with torsion and sheer stresses common in steel. VisualAnalysis has steel AISC and CISC design support. VisualPlate supports steel plate bending projects.
VisualAnalysis and ShapeBuilder can both work with wood. VisualAnalysis has wood NDS design support.
VisualAnalysis can design beams, columns or flat slabs.  ShapeBuilder can calculate cracked properties, interaction diagrams, and stress/strain.  QuickRWall, QuickFooting, and QuickConcreteWall design concrete, as does VisualFoundation. VisualPlate lets you model flat concrete slab-bending problems.
We do not currently offer any products for post-tension or prestress.
VisualAnalysis and ShapeBuilder can all work with cold-formed steel shapes in analysis.  VisualAnalysis has design support, and ShapeBuilder can calculate effective section properties.
QuickMasonry designs many masonry components, QuickRWall helps with masonry retaining walls, otherwise some analysis of masonry components may be accomplished in VisualAnalysis.
VisualAnalysis and ShapeBuilder can both work with aluminum shapes. VisualAnalysis provides ADM checks for structural aluminum members.

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