Key Benefits for Structural Engineers

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Model & Loading

Build your models with confidence.

  • Sketch, Import, Generate, or Copy & Paste
  • Work with beams, columns, areas instead of low level FEA
  • Easily create and edit frames, trusses, tanks, towers, or whatever!

Apply loads to meet your code requirements.

  • Point & click loading to one or many objects
  • Simple and flexible load cases
  • Optional, custimizable, and automatic building-code load combinations

Sktech models graphicallyAnalysis & Results

Get fast, and powerful FEA results.

  • 64-bit, muli-threaded, sparse matrix, validated solver
  • Static, Dynamic, P-Delta, Direct Analysis, Time-History, and more.
  • Automatic statics-checks and basic validations prevent careless mistakes

Understand your structure's behavior.

  • Graphical display of displacements, forces, stresses, and reactions
  • Detailed member and plate graphs
  • Double-click for detailed textual reports

Visualize deflections and forcesDesign & Report

Checks for steel, wood, concrete, cold-formed, and aluminum.

  • Member for checks with AISC, NDS, ACI, NAS/AISI, and ADM, and more.
  • You control bracing, size constraints, and other design parameters
  • Fast unity-checks, with optional member-size or detail optimizations
  • Concise reports with checks, intermediate values, and code-references

Create reports to document your project.

  • Reporting is a breeze with drag & drop simplicity and WYSIWYG viewing
  • Save your customized reports with projects or as templates for future use
  • Copy and Paste graphics into reports
  • Print reports, or export to Clipboard, or Save to standard file formats

Drill down to the numbers

Three VA Levels Available

Just enough features to get your job done right. Compare the 3 Levels, or view the detailed feature list on this page.

  1. Simple (analysis only) in 2D and 3D (no Design View window)
  2. *with Design: adds code checks, member sizing
  3. **Advanced with Design: adds meshed-areas, nonlinear, time-history, and more.

Detailed Capabilities

For the most accurate and complete list, please refer to the User's Guide (built-in Help)


  • Frames, Trusses, Grids, Beams, Tanks...
  • Beam or Truss Members, Plate/Shell Elements
  • Elastic Spring Supports
  • You are in control of physical members (e.g. girders, multi-story columns)
  • Auto-Meshed Areas (for easy wall or slab modeling)**
  • Tension-only/Compression-only Members or Spring Supports
  • Cartesian, Polar, Cylindrical or Spherical Coordinates
  • No built-in size limit (30,000+ nodes are practical)
  • Typical Manufactured Shapes: Steel, Wood, Aluminum, Cold-Formed
  • Parametric, Custom or Shapes imported from ShapeBuilder
  • Just about any material, libraries included, customizable!
  • CAD-style selection box
  • Generate linear or polar or mirror copies
  • Simple, Rigid, Semi-Rigid** Connections
  • Catenary Cable Elements**
  • Many Ways to Construct Models:
    • Sketch models graphically
    • Copy & Paste existing objects
    • Import/Export .DXF files
    • Import from Spreadsheet/Clipboard
    • Customizable parametric generation


  • Automatic Load Cases & Load Combinations
  • Built-in Support for IBC 2015, ASCE7-10, etc. Combinations
  • Customizable Load Combinations
  • Semi-Automatic ASCE 7 Wind Loads (Method 2)
  • Ice + Wind Pressure on Members (e.g. open towers)
  • Copy Multiple Loads from Member to Member
  • Import Loads from a Spreadsheet/Clipboard
  • Static Loads: Concentrated, Distributed, Pressure, Thermal, etc.
  • Area Loads (keeps model and loads separated so changes are easy!)
  • Area Edge Loads (in or out of plane)
  • Dynamic Response Spectra, IBC & Customizable
  • Dynamic Forcing Function, Time-History analysis**
  • Moving Loads** (limited, e.g. crane beams, single load-line)
  • Automatic Pattern Load Combinations**
  • Import Load Combinations**

Analysis & Results

  • Static Analysis (1st order, P-Delta, Iterated)
  • AISC Direct Analysis (notional loads, stiffness reduction)**
  • Dynamic Analysis (Sparse Lanzcos, Newmark)
  • Superposition Results and Envelopes**
  • Member Internal Forces, Displacements, Diagrams
  • Plate Forces, Stress, Contour Diagrams
  • Edge Results
  • Automatic Mesh Refinement with Auto-Meshed Areas**
  • Nodal Reactions, Displacements
  • Graphical Results Viewing
  • Sophisticated, Customizable Text Reports
  • Spreadsheet report, and save directly Excel XLS**

Design Checks & Building Codes*

  • Design checks or sizing for frame and truss members
  • Smart and flexible setup: bracing, deflection checks, size constraints
  • Steel AISC 360-16, 360-10, 360-05 or CISC CSA S16-14
  • Wood NDS 2018
  • Aluminum ADM 2015
  • Cold-Formed NAS 2016, 2012, 2010. (RSG Software's CFS is used internally to perform CFS checks)
  • Concrete ACI 318-14 Design of beams, columns, flat slabs (ACI)
  • Visual bracing locations
  • Steel seismic compactness checks
  • Stress & Deflection Checks (code agnostic, any material)**
  • Steel warping torsion checks**
  • Override intermediate values or parameters (e.g. Cb, wood C factors...)**
  • Moving Loads and Dynamic results are checked**


  • Customizable and flexible report system
  • Filtering, sorting abilities
  • Reports save within project files
  • Save your own templates for reuse
  • Easily add any graphic image to your reports
  • Export reports to spreadsheets or tab-delimited text
  • Print to any printer or PDF

System Requirements

  • See Downloads for minimum hardware and software requirements.

Integration Features

Other IES products are available separately or in suites

  • Custom Shapes via IES ShapeBuilder
  • Integrated Steel Connection Design via IES VAConnect
  • Spread Footing Design via IES QuickFooting
  • Mat Foundation Design via IES VisualFoundation
  • Import and Export: DXF, DWG, SDNF, TXT, XLS
  • Free VA-Revit Link for BIM and Autodesk Revit
  • Import custom cold-formed shapes from CFS (by RSG Software)
  • Batch Analysis for command-line operation, programmatic access

Product Limitations

  • Not an 'ANSYS' or 'NASTRAN', but very practical
  • Not a 'turn-key' system for building or truss design.
  • Does not run inside AutoCAD or anything else
  • No internal pipe pressures
  • No solid (brick) elements
  • No curved beams (simulate with 'chords')
  • No staged loading (e.g., element birth/death)
  • No large deflections
  • No pre-stressed or post-tensioned concrete design
  • No specialized bridge design or AASHTO support

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