What will VisualAnalysis do for you?

Structural Analysis and Member Design

Engineers like you use VisualAnalysis to model frames, trusses and buildings, and much more. It is versatile enough for you to solve large or unusual structures easily.

Why Use VisualAnalysis?

  • Model: just about any frame, truss, tank, beam, column, etc...
  • Load: Point, linear, area, thermal, settlements
  • Analyze: reactions, displacements, forces: static or dynamic
  • Design: check steel, concrete, wood, cold-formed, and aluminum
  • Report: Excellent graphics and text reporting features
  • Succeed! Easy to learn & use, Fantastic free resources & support.

VisualAnalysis is a Simple Choice

VisualAnalysis Benefits

Structural Modeling is Visual

VisualAnalysis is optimized for a visual approach to modeling, we offer flexible methods for building models including, custom grid layout, DXF import, copy & paste, parametric generation, import from spreadsheet or text, and BIM integration. Mix materials in your models: steel, wood, concrete, cold-formed and aluminum. Assign or modify properties to large groups of members, plates, nodes, in one step.

Loading is Fast

Apply a variety of loads to nodes, members, plates, or areas graphically. Copy and scale loads to different cases. Customizable load cases and combinations are simple.

Analysis is Powerful: Linear or Nonlinear

Just enough power for most engineers, choose the methods you want to use: 1st order, P-Delta, Direct Analysis, Dynamic Modal, Response or Time-History.

Design is Not a Black Box

Code checks per material specifications are trivial to set up. Let the software check your existing design or ask it to resize members according to your criteria. Design reports that clearly document your results as well as intermediate values for your own validation efforts.

Reports Allow Easy Review

Create your very own set of report templates to organize, sort, filter and display the information you need. Include graphics in reports and save to PDF.

Succeed with IES Quality

VisualAnalysis helps you at every step, checking your input values, offering model-checks and result-validation services. Technical support is fast, friendly and always free. Downloads are small. Licensing is flexible and unobtrusive.

Integration Benefits

Educational VisualAnalysis:

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