VisualAnalysis: Compare Levels

All-Level Features 1
Simple Analysis
with Design
2D or 3D Frames & Trusses, Tanks,
...just about anything
Yes Yes Yes
Any Materials: Steel, Wood, Concrete,
Cold-formed, Aluminum, etc.
Yes Yes Yes
Member and Plate/Shell Elements Yes Yes Yes
Elastic Spring Supports Yes Yes Yes
Parametric Model Generation Yes Yes Yes
Sketch Models, DXF Import, Spreadsheets Yes Yes Yes
Node, Member, Plate & Area Loads Yes Yes Yes
Copy & Paste Model & Loads Yes Yes Yes
Custom Load Combinations Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Building Code Combinations Yes Yes Yes
Static Analysis
(1st order, P-delta, AISC Direct)
Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Analysis: Modal & Response Yes Yes Yes
Result Graphics and Plots Yes Yes Yes
Reporting: Easy, Flexible, Professional Yes Yes Yes
Design/Code Check   with Design Advanced
AISC 360, CISC S16-14 Steel Design   Yes Yes
NDS 2018 Wood Design   Yes Yes
ACI 318-14 Concrete Beam / Column   Yes Yes
ACI 318-14 Concrete Slab Bending   Yes Yes
ADM 2015 Aluminum Design   Yes Yes
NAS/AISI 2016 Cold-Formed Steel   Yes Yes
Optimal Member Search   Yes Yes
Advanced Only Features     Advanced
Auto-Meshed Plates in Areas     Yes
Rigid-Link Members     Yes
Scissor-Joints     Yes
Custom 'Blob' Shapes (raw A, I, S, J)     Yes
Catenary Cable Elements     Yes
Semi-Rigid Member Connections     Yes
Time-History Analysis with Forcing Function     Yes
Moving Loads (truck & lane, influence lines)     Yes
Result Superposition     Yes
Stress & Deflection Checks for
Custom Members & Materials
Design Parameter Overrides     Yes

See Detailed Capabilities or the built-in Help in VisualAnalysis for more information about these features.

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