What Will VisualShearWall do for you?

Analysis of shear wall systems: rigid and semi-rigid diaphragms. The program allows you to analyze a 'single floor slice' model, which is a legitimate way to do lateral force analysis on short buildings. With a program dedicated to this task your job is made easier.

Why use VisualShearWall?

You have a number of choices in the marketplace, for shear wall modeling--even among IES tools!  VisualShearWall shines in a number of areas:

Rigid and SemiRigid Shear Wall Systems

Analysis of complex arrangements of shear walls with an advanced finite element solution.

Isolated Wall Shear Wall Systems

For modeling flexible diaphragms, you can enter specifc loads on each wall and manage the whole floor system in a single project.

Export Results for Design Checks

You can export wall results from VisualShearWall into either QuickConcreteWall or QuickMasonry for detailed design checks and detailing.

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